Gas-Powered Blenders Get The Death Sentence In California

Mixing up a blender drink in the middle of a parking lot is rather difficult with the lack of electricity to run your home blender. A number of savvy companies have come up with different ways to whip up frozen margaritas in a parking lot including the Boat Blender which uses your cordless drill and Gasoline Powered Party Blenders as seen in the photo to the left. In all honesty, those gas-powered blenders seem a bit too bulky and hard to start to make them really functional for tailgating. Then again, tailgaters like those noisy tailgating toys that draw attention and bring a crowd. See for yourself one of these gas-powered blenders in action at a Jimmy Buffett concert.


Leave it to the State of California to pull the plug on the tailgate party by legislating these gas-powered blenders obsolete. The California Air Resources Board has slapped a $240,000 fine on two companies On the Edge Marketing and CSK Auto Inc. for distributing the gasoline-powered blenders in violation of California pollution laws. The gas-powered blenders, which, the board said, are popular for mixing beverages at tailgate parties and other outdoor events, are imported from China and use a two-stroke engine similar to those in chainsaws. They are considered uncertified in California and may produce emissions 10 times as high as those of compliant engines, the board determined.

That sound you just heard was the State of California becoming the biggest buzz kill on earth.

So if you are in California and really wanted one of these gas-powered blenders you may have to have a friend from out of state buy one and then ship it to you. Or you could just get a Boat Blender which uses electricity from your cordless drill. If you are looking to go extreme green, check out the Fender Blender which is a blender powered by a stationary bike. But at a price of $1,899.00 it makes it tough on your average tailgater.