Shotgun Party Opener Available From


If you’ve been a long time reader you may recall back in 2008 we told you about The Shotgun Party Opener. In a nutshell it is a key chain that is primarily designed to pop a hole in the side of an aluminum can for ease of shotgunning a beer. See the video demonstration below:


We are happy to announce that the Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener can be purchased directly from our online tailgating store, for $3.99 for a single key chain. If you want a three-pack to pass out to all your beer shotgunning friends, you can get three of those for $9.99. All purchases of Shotgun Party Openers are subject to a $3.00 shipping charge but the good news is that if you buy multiple openers, the shipping charges remain the same at $3.00. Get a Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener and you’ll never have to tear up your car keys or use a knife to get a hole in your beer can for shotgunning. Buy the Shotgun Party Opener at