Beer Shotgun Challenge

A few weeks ago we came across a blog called The Beers Gone Bad. How we found this beer review blog was because they chose to review Tailgate Beer that week. In their review, Scott at the end of the video shotguns a can of Tailgate Beer. (On a side note, we noticed Scott popped the hole in the can for shotgunning with what appeared to be a pen. We sent them a few Shotgun Party Openers and they have been using them ever since.)

We now have come across this short video of Scott offering up a challenge to anyone out there on the internet that can beat him in a shotgun challenge.


Now I am not picking sides here but I have seen a few tailgaters out there that when it comes to shotgunning beers they make it look too easy. If you are one of those tailgaters, here is a way to get some free beer courtesy of the guys over at the Beers Gone Bad. Please do not let this opportunity to get free beer pass you by.