The Original Snake Bite: Forked Church Key & Bottle Opener

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Shotgunning beers. It has a history with tailgating as far back as one can remember. But when you shotgun a beer the regular way, you risk injury or even worse, losing your beer to foam. We discovered the Original Snake Bite – a forked church key and bottle opener that now makes shotgunning beers easy and safe.

The science behind shotgunning a beer is simple. In order for the liquid to exit a vessel, air must replace the cavity where the liquid once was. If just the main opening is utilized, the pouring has to stop so that air can enter the can and re-establish equilibrium. This is what causes the “glug-glug-glug” sound when pouring something from a can if it isn’t vented. If you have venting, then air is let in which constantly keeps equilibrium in letting the liquid out smoothly. Now that you understand the science, let’s see the Snake Bite in action while out tailgating.

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(Apologies for using a Coke Zero to demonstrate but the only beer we brought were craft beers and we weren’t about to shotgun 16 oz. of Wolf Among Weed IPA.)

You may not be into shotgunning beers in the parking lot and have a more sophisticated approach to your beer consumption. The Snake Bite is a great tool for you tailgaters too.

Not only is it a bottle opener for regular metal bottle caps but also vents craft brew cans. More and more craft breweries, with Tailgate Beer being the first, are starting to break the stereotype that if beer comes in a can, it must be crap. The vessel in which it is transported does not ruin the taste of craft beer whether it is in a glass bottle or aluminum can. When it comes to craft beers, you want to have the correct amount of head in the glass. Check out The Beer Advocate’s guide on How To Pour Beer. After you have checked that out, see the video of a side-by-side pour comparison using a Schlafly Hefeweizen into a glass.

YouTube video

Now which one would you want to drink? The one of the left or the one on the right? That’s a rhetorical question.

Snake Bite AnglesThe Snake Bite has a leather case that slips over it to ensure the tips of the “fangs” do not scrape and cut you when not in use. It includes a key ring so you can always have a bottle opener and can venting device on you at all times. The Snake bite comes with three choices of leather colors including black, brown and natural.

The Snake Bite will run you about $22 no matter what color leather sheath you prefer. Free shipping is included to United States customers.

After taking the Snake Bite tailgating and trying it at home and in the parking lot, we are going to give the Snake Bite the Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” stamp.

The affordability along with the functionality makes it ideal for you to add it to your tailgating kit or make it part of your everyday key chain. To learn more about the Snake Bite or to buy one of your own, visit: