Tailgating Gear Review: The Bag-Caddy

Bag-Caddy with linerTailgating can be messy and creates a lot of trash. Keeping a neat and tidy tailgating space is always a great idea and appreciated by those around you. Most tailgaters I see will tie a trash bag to their bumper, hang it from a table leg or use one of those collapsible trash cans that are spring loaded. They really don’t get the job done because the loose bag tends to be a hassle if it does not stay open by itself. I was looking for a better way to have the convenience of a sturdy trash can without hauling a hard sided plastic trash can to the tailgate parking lot. I was looking for something that would be lightweight, fold or roll up easily but still have the rigidity of a plastic or metal trash can. Those soft-sided Collapsible Trash Cans fold down and are a disc shape when not in use and take up too much space in your car. Also they are pretty flimsy when they are in use and do not hold trash bags open very well. I recently discovered The Bag-Caddy and it really is exactly the type of trash receptacle I was looking for.

The Bag-Caddy is made of flexible yet sturdy plastic that rolls up and holds itself together when not in use or during transit to your tailgate. It takes less than 30 seconds to unroll it, lock the unit together into a circle and  less than 30 seconds to lock and load a trash bag into it. In less than a minute your trash can is up and ready for use leaving you more time for tailgating. Check out the video demonstration below that walks you through the process of setting up the Bag-Caddy.


There are a number of features I liked the most about The Bag-Caddy. The biggest benefit of the Bag-Caddy was the four die-cuts at the top that hold the bag in place. Having the ease and convenience of a bag that will not slip down into the cylinder is always one less thing you have to hassle with while you are tailgating. Another bonus is the fact that you lift the Bag-Caddy up and off your bag when it is time to clean up and toss the bag into the dumpster. Most other tailgating trash cans you need to lift the bag along with its heavy contents out of the cylinder rather than lifting the cylinder off of the bag. (Tailgaters with back problems will appreciate that feature more than you can imagine.) Lastly, the sturdy plastic design that rolls up and takes up very little space in your vehicle is another great feature. I have a Bag-Caddy of my own and it works great. Check out the photos and click each one for an enlarged view.

Bag-Caddy with linerBag-Caddy without linerBag-Caddy with liner

I found the Bag-Caddy to be quite versatile and not just useful for tailgating. The Bag-Caddy is also great for usage around the house when you are not tailgating. If you have ever raked a pile of leaves and struggled with keeping the bag open to put the leaves in, you know how useful it is to have a can that holds the bag open. Instead of dragging a heavy and rigid trash can all over the yard, the Bag-Caddy can be easily lifted over the filled bag and placed in a new area of the yard. I am planning on using mine in the garage when I am not tailgating and using it for holding aluminum cans to be recycled.

The Bag-Caddy currently comes in three different styles. The plain, Bag-Caddy style as you can see in the above photos along with Kansas State and University of Kansas styles are also available. All three styles of Bag-Caddy are $19.99. Custom designs are available but you’ll need to contact the folks at Bag-Caddy directly to discuss design specs and quantities. For more information or to get your own Bag-Caddy, visit Bag-Caddy.com.