Weekend Wrap #65: Memorial Day Edition

news_wrap.jpgFor many people, Memorial Day is a great excuse to drag out the grill, dust it off and open the first official day of grilling. I have no issue with that. Others may view the holiday as a great 3-day weekend to get away and relax. Also, something I fully support. Sometimes with many of our 3-day weekend holidays the true meaning and spirit of the day can be forgotten. Memorial Day can be taken for granted and seen as just a great excuse to get a day off from work. At the very least, I would suggest flying the American Flag (please fly the flag properly, of course) on your house to demonstrate your remembrance of those fallen soldiers who fought for you to enjoy the freedoms you have today. I am eternally grateful for those soldiers because they defended our country and our Constitution which allows me to exercise my First Amendment Right of Free Speech daily. It may be about the latest tailgating gadget or people doing beer bongs, but it is Freedom of Speech none the less. So enjoy your day off from work but don’t let the day pass without being mindful of why you are missing work.

Now on with this week’s links.

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