Hang N Out Tailgating Bag Holder

Hang N Out Tailgating Bag Holder
NOTE: Please read the entire article to find out ways to receive a Hang N Out for free.

Trash. It’s just one of those things we as tailgaters have to deal with. Keeping your tailgating space clean and tidy is tough because the normal trash collecting devices designed for tailgating take up valuable tailgating space.

We recently discovered the Hang N Out. It’s a trash bag holder that affixes to your vehicle tire in seconds and keeps trash out of sight and keeps your trash bag open. Take a look at their video to see how it works.

YouTube video

As you saw in the video, the Hang N Out has two pieces and fits 8″ to 13″ (203 mm – 330 mm) tires. The spring collapses easily in your hands to adjust to the size of your tire and when released, holds tightly to the tire. The bag hoop ring attaches quickly once you have the bag opening stretched across the circumference of the hoop.

We were sent a sample of the Hang N Out and promptly took it to the San Diego Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns game. As you can see from the photo gallery, it was raining that day and did not affect our ability to test and use the Hang N Out. (Disclaimer: We received a sample of Hang N Out free of charge. The fact this sample was provided to us for free in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)

Before receiving the sample of the Hang N Out, my main concern was that the bag was loosely attached to the hoop ring and with increased weight if a heavy plate of food was dropped in there, the edges of the bag would come off. After testing it while tailgating, I am happy to say that the bag stayed attached and did not come off. Even though the weather in San Diego was not ideal and we had some wind and rain that day, neither the wind nor the rain water that collected in the bag made the bag come off of the hoop.

My other concern was that the section of the Hang N Out was sticking out into the area where trash was being thrown away. If that part was hit by a plate with baked beans or some other sticky substance, it would be messy on your hands when it was time to remove the Hang N Out from your tire at the end of the tailgate.

I found that with basic human nature, people tend to avoid the part that sticks out over the bag hole and we were able to remove the Hang N Out when it was time to go into the game with no mess. The section of the spring loaded base does not stick out too much into the bag opening so it is easy to avoid when throwing trash away. Even if an errant plate hits the Hang N Out base, the plastic can be wiped down with a cloth or paper towel and then the piece removed without making your hands messy.

After testing the Hang N Out, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. While out tailgating, we received a lot of compliments on the Hang N Out and a number of people asked where they could get one and how much it cost. Many people also remarked that it would be great for not just tailgating but for camping, trips to the beach or park, etc.

Now that you have seen how the Hang N Out works, the folks at Hang N Out have agreed to give away three of them to Tailgating Ideas readers. There are three ways you can receive one for free.

1) Blog Comment – Comment below telling us why you would like to receive a Hang N Out and how it would improve your tailgating. One winner will be randomly selected from those that comment. Comments will be open for a week and after a week has passed, we will randomly select a winner from those who commented on this blog post. make sure when posting your comment to include your email. Your email will not be displayed to other readers but will be the only way we can contact you. We promise to not spam you.

2 Twitter – Tweet us @tailgatingideas and use the hashtag #hangnout. Tell us in your tweet where you would use your Hang N Out. Tweet us as many times as you like to increase your chances of your tweet being selected. The most interesting tweet as chosen by us will receive a free Hang N Out.

3) Facebook – Comment on the Facebook page post HERE. In your comment, let us know where you tailgate and if you like, even include a photo of your tailgating space to show how the Hang N out would improve your tailgating. Have fun with your comment but make sure to comment on the Facebook post promoting this giveaway. Posts to the Tailgating Ideas fan page wall will not be counted. One comment on the Facebook post promoting the Hang N Out will be randomly selected to receive one.

The Hang N Out is $35 and is made in the USA. If you are not selected to receive a free Hang N Out, you can buy one by visiting hangnout.com