Zaca Chewables

Zaca Chewables

It was back in 2009 when we first discovered the Zaca Recovery Patch. It’s a hangover prevention remedy that you apply to your skin much like those nicotine patches smokers use to help them quit. But instead of helping you quit smoking, Zaca patches help keep essential nutrients in your body even if you overindulge in the consumption of alcohol. (Yeah, that never happens while tailgating)

During the summer, we were contacted by the folks at Zaca and they informed us that they had a new product line they were introducing: Zaca Recovery Chewables.

The chewables were not quite on the market in the beginning of the summer but we were given a few samples to test out to see if they worked as well as the recovery patches from Zaca. We took a few packets out to Omaha, Nebraska for our trip to the College World Series. If there ever was a fertile testing ground for a hangover prevention, it’s Omaha, Nebraska during the College World Series.

We did our fair share of drinking (check our Twitter and Instagram from June 2015) and when it came time to call it a night, we took the Zaca Recovery Chewables.

We woke up the next morning feeling quite good and not at all hungover. The chewables were also an upgrade from the patch in that with the patch, you need to apply it to your skin when you take your first drink. Maybe you don’t know you are going to need a hangover prevention until after you have had a few drinks and the party is getting a little crazy? You have to stop what you are doing and apply your patch.

With the Zaca Recovery Chewables, you take the paclket before going to bed, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and you are good to go for the next morning.

Zaca chewable ingredientsThe Zaca Recovery Chewable comes in to-go packets containing four (4) tablets. The cornerstone ingredients are Setria® Glutathione for antioxidant protection, detoxification and immune fortification* and Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine for hydration and muscle recovery. The supplement also contains Japanese Raisin and other natural ingredients.

Sertia® is a branded form of glutathione, an essential substance for three primary health benefits: promoting detoxification*, providing antioxidant protection*, and fortifying the immune system.* Setria® has been clinically studied and has over 800,000 published studies showing glutathione plays a central role in detoxifying the body and managing overall health.

Sustamine® – a dipeptide of glutamine, the most abundant single amino acid in the body – provides essential support during times when the body undergoes large amounts of stress.

These berry flavored tablets are easy to chew and break apart easily in your teeth. I found that mashing the tablets into a paste in my mouth helped the tablets’ ingredients absorb quicker and my stomach didn’t have to work as hard to digest the chewable tablets.

Zaca Recovery Chewables come in packs of 16 and cost $23.99. The benefits of not waking up hungover far outweighs any cost of the product.

After thoroughly testing the Zaca Recovery Chewables they get our “Tailgate Approved” label for effectiveness, portability, convenience and cost.

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