A Collection Of The 12 Best Leon Budweiser Commercials

leon_bud_ad.jpgThis past week marked the opening of NFL training camps. Of course we saw a handful of prima donna players failing to report to camp because the multi-million dollar contract they signed two years ago apparently is not enough to feed their family. That got me to remembering those “Leon” commercials Budweiser was airing a few years back. You probably remember Leon as the self-absorbed athlete, speaking in the third-person, that was more concerned with his appearance and endorsements than winning a game. In honor of getting a little honesty back in our lives here is a collection of the 12 best Leon commercials.

Note: At the bottom, read more about the actor who played Leon and subsequently was traded for 60 cases of beer. Seriously…

Don’t blame Leon


Watching a great athlete suffer is powerfully emotional stuff


$20 million a year doesn’t go as far as it used to


Leon loves Leon


Did you get Leon’s good side?


Let’s not go there


As long as someone’s paying, Leon’s playing.


Leon in the on deck circle


Leon considers broadcasting


Leon hurts his psychie


Leon does his best Johnnie Cochran impression


Leon replaced by unproven rookie

As Paul Harvey would say, “And now, the rest of the story”.

The actor who played Leon in the Budweiser commercials is actually Nigel Thatch. Thatch was a minor league baseball player and has the dubious honor of being traded from the Schaumburg Flyers of the Northern League to the Fullerton Flyers of the Golden Baseball League in exchange for 60 cases of Budweiser. Call it a publicity stunt or not, Thatch will always be better known as ‘Leon’ than as a pitcher. Still don’t believe me? Fox Sports blogged about this in 2006 when it happened.

What would you trade for 60 cases of Bud?

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