Super Bowl Prop Bet: Super Bowl Commercials

This week is always fun leading up to Super Bowl because all the sports books come out with their quirky proposition bets for the big game. We’re planning on doing our February installment of SportsBook 101 on all the different types of wagers books take on the Super Bowl but thought this might be some fun information you’ll want sooner rather than next week.

We took a look at the prop bets regarding the Super Bowl commercials. They are taking action on the Super Bowl commercials that will have the “Higher Rating on USA Today’s annual Ad Meter“. Last year’s big commercial was the Snicker’s commercial with Betty White


Because I thought this was an intriguing wager I decided to get in touch with a friend of mine who has been working in advertising for a number of years now. He was on the ad creative team that created the Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial “Angry Bosses”. Needless to say, the guy knows advertising and what goes into the making of a Super Bowl. I sent him the odds breakdown on the Super Bowl Commercials props and here is what he replied.

My money would be on Mars (which will be a Snickers ad) or Best Buy (who have a spot starring Ozzy Osborne and Justin Bieber, I haven’t seen it but it’s a good bet it’ll be memorable.)

Doritos and Anheuser-Busch are the most likely winners but those odds aren’t great.

Take that advice with a grain of salt and as with any type of wagering you do, play responsibly. For comparison sake for the advertisers he mentioned, both bets he suggested (Mars and Best Buy) are listed at 12/1, Doritos is 5.5/1 while Anheuser-Busch is at 2.5/1.

Here is the complete list of all the scheduled advertisers and their odds

Anheuser-Busch – 2.5/1
Audi – 12/1
Best Buy – 12/1
BMW – 12/1
Bridgestone – 8/1
Careerbuilder – 9/1
CarMax -15/1 – 15/1
Chrysler – Dodge – 12/1
Coca-Cola – 7/1
Disney – 20/1
Doritos- 5.5/1
E*Trade – 4.5/1 – 10/1
HomeAway – 8/1
Hyundai – 12/1
Kia – 15/1
Mars – 12/1
Mercedes-Benz – 12/1
Paramount – 15/1
PepsiMax – 5.5/1
Pizza Hut – 9/1
Relativity Media – 15/1
Skechers – 12/1
Sony Pictures – 10/1
Teleflora – 15/1
Universal Pictures – 12/1
Volkswagen – 15/1