Weekend Wrap #22: Enemy of Construction Edition

news_wrap.jpgThis first link in this edition of the Weekend Wrap got me to thinking. There seems to be a trend developing that construction of new stadiums or housing or whatever seems to be encroaching on our ability to tailgate. The University of Oregon is building a brand new college baseball stadium to accommodate their newly created team. The only problem is that the new baseball stadium is being constructed in a large portion of the parking lot at Autzen Stadium. This has the Oregon Football tailgaters up in arms and rightfully so. Now it seems that Iowa Football tailgaters will be losing a favorite tailgating spot due to new condo constructionin the Olive Court. When will the madness stop? As an avid tailgater, please, I implore you. Stop taking away our tailgating parking lots. Tailgating is truly the last great American neighborhood where everyone is friendly and no one locks their doors. Why would you want to kill that with yet another condo complex? Stop the insanity.

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