Weekend Wrap #73: NFL Training Camps Open Edition

news_wrap.jpgLet’s all face the facts here. Tailgating for baseball and summer concerts is fun but when you think of “tailgating” in the traditional sense of the word, what sport comes to mind? Football. Now I know there is a great debate on whether college or pro football tailgaters do it better than the other guys but for today, let’s call it a draw. The Buffalo Bills were the first ones to open up training camp in 2009 and the Houston Texans, New England Patriots, San Diego Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles all opened up their respective camps today. The New York Giants will be the last team to open camp, choosing August 3rd as the date rookies and veterans report. No matter who your team is, you can’t deny that when training camp opens around the NFL, the tailgating season is officially here. Anyone planning on attending these camps and tailgating before the practices? Let’s all welcome back football and the return of tailgating season to those that know and love it. Now on with this week’s links.