Air Grill: Saves Time & Your Breath

For those tailgaters that love to use charcoal but have limited time to grill, getting those coals hot seems to take forever. You could crouch down on your hands and knees and blow on the coals, forcing more air and subsequently more oxygen to the lit charcoal. That’s one way to get the coals to light faster but who is willing to do that? Along comes The Air Grill that forces air where you need it with just a crank of a handle.

Air Grill has a number of different products that force air but I chose to test out The Inflator. I chose this model for two reasons. 1) I could use it on my Bubba Keg Grill to get the lump charcoal lit just a little bit faster. I could also use it to get the coals just a little bit hotter when doing some high temperature searing. 2) I could use it on my inflatable beer pong table to do all the heavy lifting and have it inflated in a snap.

I am happy to say The Air Grill Inflator model passed with flying colors. Obviously it did not force air like an air compressor would but it definitely got the inflatable beer pong table inflated much faster compared to if I had to put my mouth on it and blew it up the old fashioned way. The same positive result happened when I used it on my Bubba Keg Grill. Lump charcoal gets extremely hot on its own but when I used The Air Grill Inflator it took the heat up to another level. Seared Ahi Tuna at about 800 degrees turned out perfectly thanks to the Air Grill giving the coals an extra boost of oxygen.

Air Grill has other products including The Blower. This is the original. It stokes hot coals and embers in BBQs, campfires and fireplaces. Cuts prep time mess and the taste of lighter fluid. Originally from Brazil, which means it goes well with a thong.

They also have The Executive. This is the more successful older brother who is a bit of a dandy. High quality design includes a wood handle, antique brass nozzle and a storage compartment for your wood matches. Perfect for lighting deep BBQ pits, fireplaces and stoves.

I mentioned earlier The Inflator but it also has other features. The best and most unexpected part is there is a bottle opener in the handle. Also, it comes with inflation adapters and an extended nozzle.

In addition to being a pretty cool product, apparently the TV folks would have to agree. The Air Grill was recently featured on the HGTV program “I Want That!”

For more information or to get your own Air Grill, visit their official website: