BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter

BIC Flex Multi-Purpose LighterNo matter if you use charcoal primarily or propane while tailgating, having a solid and dependable lighter on hand is essential. Although my grill that I use while tailgating has an electric ignitor, sometimes the battery will be too weak to produce a decent spark. Other times the battery may be completely dead and not spark at all. If this has also happened to you, it is at this point in the tailgating experience that you now have to send someone to visit your neighboring tailgate to see if they can loan you some sort of a lighter. And if they come back with a traditional cigarette lighter, that is a major pain to get your grill started with it.

We recently had the opportunity to test out and review the BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter. It is made by BIC, a company world famous for their lighters, so you know they have the quality handled. The BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter has a flexible wand that can easily reach inside your grill and get right next to your charcoal or propane burner. The flexible wand allows you to ignite something that may be difficult to reach and around a corner. So by using the BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter you don’t have to get your hand too close to the flame and risk getting burned when lighting your grill. Seeing how the BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter is priced at under $5, you can’t afford not to have one in your tailgating kit as a back up. Even if your electric ignitor is super dependable and you check the battery religiously, it may be a good idea to have one in your kit just in case someone parked next to you needs a lighter.

As a special reward for our readers, we are giving away three of these lighters to three different people. There are three chances to win one of these BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighters. You can enter all three ways to increase your chances but you can only win one lighter. We will be giving away one via our Facebook Fan Page, one on Twitter and one to a reader who leaves a comment below. Here is how it will work:

We will select one person randomly from all the sources of entry (Facebook, Twitter and blog comment). Winners selected randomly will be contacted and asked for their contact information and then your winning lighter will be sent directly from the folks at BIC. Here is how you can enter three different ways.

1) Facebook – Become a fan on the TailgatingIdeas Fan Page on Facebook and leave a comment on the wall post that promotes this contest. One (1) winner will be selected randomly and will be contacted via Facebook for their information.

2) Twitter – Follow us on Twitter and Tweet “I want to win a free #bicflexlighter from @TailgatingIdeas in time for Father’s Day”. By using the hashtag #bicflexlighter we will be able to track if you tweeted it and how often. The more times you tweet it, the better your chances are of winning. (Try not to go too crazy and tweet it 20 times a day because you’ll then just be annoying your followers, so please use your good judgement.)

3) Comment – Leave a comment below mentioning you want to be entered into the drawing. Make sure to use the little captcha feature to make sure you aren’t a spammer and your comment is from an actual human being.

That’s it. You can enter all three ways but if you win a lighter one way and then your name is randomly selected in another way, we will redraw another name so as to be fair and three different people all get a free lighter.

The deadline to have your comments, tweets and Facebook comments logged is 11:59 PM pacific time, June 19, 2011. So start tweeting, Facebooking and commenting and good luck! All winners must live in the United States.

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