Fire Brand Hickory Molasses Bar-B-Q Sauce Simply Awesome

A week ago I picked up my brand new Freedom Grill FG-50. (I love this grill so much I did a video demonstration of it so keep an eye out for it soon.) If tailgating with a full-sized grill that rides outside your truck or SUV wasn’t cool enough, the guys at Freedom Grill hooked me up with a sample of four of their Fire Brand barbecue sauces. Needless to say I was pretty excited to try them out.

This Labor Day Weekend I fired up the Freedom Grill and tried the Hickory Molasses Bar-B-Q Sauce on a number of chicken breasts. Two words describe the flavor of this Bar-B-Q sauce. Out Standing!

This is not your run of the mill Bar-B-Q sauce that you can pick up at your local grocery store. The FireBrand Hickory Molasses Bar-B-Q Sauce has quite a bit more kick than anything you have tasted. They don’t go overboard with the spices to just try to set the world record on having the world’s hottest and spiciest Bar-B-Q sauce. It was a great blend of sweet molasses and enough spices to get your attention. The real kicker is that my wife liked the flavor so much that she suggested we use the left over chicken breasts tomorrow night in a Bar-B-Q chicken salad. That’s got to be a ringing endorsement if you are willing to eat the same thing two nights in a row.

The best part is I still have three more bottles to sample from Fire Brand. I have yet to crack open the Spicy Habanero Hot Mustard, Original Steak Sauce or the Original Habanero Hot Sauce. If any of those three are half as good as the Hickory Molasses Bar-B-Q Sauce, dinner this week is going to be awesome.

Grab a pack of all four flavors of Fire Brand Grilling Sauces for under $40. Believe me, if you like spicy and bold Bar-B-Q sauces, you will not be disappointed.