Boozer Hangover Remedy

Boozer Hangover Logo We’ve all done it. Maybe you did it this past weekend. I did it three nights ago. I am talking about drinking just a little too much to the point you know you are going to have a hangover.

We never seem to learn and the dreaded hangover is coming normally the morning after. There are quite a few hangover remedies out there while most of us just go with the old fashioned way of being miserable on the couch the next day sipping Gatorade. So when I saw that a new product was on the market that claimed it is, “A Premium Hangover Remedy that is a non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated, vitamin-mineral-herbal beverage that will become your new best friend!”, I thought I need to give this a try. It’s called Boozer and it comes in 8.4 oz cans that many popular energy drinks come packaged in.

I’ve tried numerous hangover remedies and very few have been effective. Naturally I was a bit skeptical of Boozer when I first learned about them via Twitter. I contacted them asking for a sample to test out in order to properly back-up their claims or shoot them down. The folks at Boozer were very gracious to send me a case of their drinks gratis so in turn I needed to do my part and uphold my end of the deal. I guess I was going to have to get hammered one night and put a can of Boozer to the test.

OPERATION: Get Hammered

I targeted Friday evening, October 8th as my night to get lit up properly. My alcohol of choice was vodka and I made sure not to free pour but to measure the vodka into shots. I wanted to know exactly how many shots I had so as to understand how effective the hangover relief might be. Being married with two little ones in the house, I was was not going to be driving or leaving the house anytime that Friday night. I waited until the kids went to bed then started my Boozer experiment.

I broke out the vodka and then looked for a mixer. Diet Sprite would be my mixer of choice and I proceeded to pour four shots of vodka over ice and add a 12 oz can of Diet Sprite. (Did I mention that I was logging all of this on Twitter while doing this?) Here was the first tweet after pouring the first drink.

After finishing the first drink it was time for another. The only problem was I hadn’t realized that was the last Sprite in the house. The mixer doesn’t really matter here as long as I stick with the same type of liquor. So I then poured five shots of vodka into ice and a Coke Zero. Here is my tweet from that. So nine shots in I was feeling pretty good but really wanted to make sure I was pretty drunk and would be assured a hangover in the morning. I blame my German/Irish heritage and the countless hours at the fraternity house for my high tolerance and a liver that doesn’t quit. I figured five more shots ought to do it so I mixed up a batch of bloody marys. I finished the bloody mary at about 1 am and then it was time to hit the Boozer.

Boozer Hangover CanThe directions say, drink one can of Boozer before going to bed. So, that’s it? Get hammered and drink an 8.4 oz can of Boozer and you won’t have a headache the next day? Sounds too good to be true. Here was that tweet right before going to bed.


I had already placed a few cans of Boozer in my refrigerator and proceeded to drink one. I didn’t pound it but it took me about four or five swigs to drink the whole thing. The taste was that of a citrus type energy drink with a hint of tropical flavor like coconut. Although it is non-caffeinated, it did have that “energy drink taste” to it but not too overpowering. Although the can of Boozer I had was cold, I could tell the taste would not have been horrible had it been room temperature. So all in all, not bad and actually a nice change of pace.


I was woken up by my two kids at about 6:45 am the next morning. When a newly potty trained 2 year old tells you he has to go to the bathroom, you don’t really have time to ponder if you have a hangover or not. You get out of bed quickly and take him to the bathroom to prevent a huge mess on the carpet. It was at that moment that I realized that I did not have a hangover. Despite drinking 14 shots of vodka the night before and getting about 5 hours of sleep, I was awake and functional without any headache or body aches. I was truly stunned. I did have a little dry mouth but I was not sure if that was because I didn’t get all that much sleep or from the alcohol the night before. Either way, a drink of water and it went away. Here is my tweet from that morning.

So all in all, I was quite impressed with the way Boozer worked for me. I don’t know if it was the placebo effect or if the stuff is formulated to kill a hangover or not. I do know I was pain free the next day and had I gone straight to bed without anything, I am sure I would have been singing a different tune the next day.


You can order Boozer online from their web store, A single can of Boozer will cost you $2.79 and a four-pack will run you $11.16. The 12-pack costs $33.48 and the 24-pack case is $66.96 and they will ship it for free and throw in a free T-Shirt. Boozer is based out of Illinois so if you would like to buy some from a store, you’ll need to be in the Southern Illinois section of the country. To find a store location that carries Boozer, click HERE.

When initially approached to try this new hangover remedy I was skeptical. After all, I had tried many hangover cures and a vast majority of them failed or came up short. Boozer did not disappoint at all. On a side note, I am happy they sent me the full case of Boozer can samples. This way I will throw a few into my tailgating cooler next time I got tailgating and hopefully I can avoid that half-time hangover that always seem to creep in after a long day of tailgating.

For more information or to buy your own supply of Boozer, visit: