Weekend Wrap-Up #103: Mother’s Day Edition

If you didn’t know it or haven’t been paying attention, today was Mother’s Day. In honor of all the moms out there I thought it would appropriate to dust off this video we posted back in 2008. Yes, even Mr. T is the heart of his Bad Ass days in the 1980’s had a soft spot for mom as you can see in this cheesy music video. It may be a rerun from something we did two years ago but then again, two years ago we didn’t have the readership we have today.

Speaking of increased readership, before we get to the video and the links, congrats goes out to reader and RSS subscriber Tim in Iowa. His entry was randomly selected from all the other qualified entries in our Zaca Hangover Patch Giveaway. It was easy to enter. All you needed to do was subscribe to the TailgatingIdeas.com RSS feed either via Email or RSS feed. Then at the bottom of each feed was a secret password/movie quote and only visible to those RSS subscribers. Those wanting to enter needed to email us the quote to be entered. It was just that simple. Congrats to Tim, your sample pack of Zaca Hangover Patches will be sent directly from the manufacturer. Stay tuned because we will be running another contest exclusive to RSS subscribers soon. Can’t reveal anything definitive yet but it could involve a care package of free meat. Links follow the video:


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