World Harbors Look Local Recipe Contest

You may remember back in August 2008 I had discovered Buccaneer Blends BBQ Sauces made by World Harbors – Maine. They recently rolled out their Look Local Recipe Contest. They are inviting people to submit their recipes (which must include a World Harbors product and something local to their state), either with a video or an image, and enter via their special page created through FaceBook.

The real hook here is that you need to incorporate into your recipe something that is indigenous to your local area. I am from Southern California so if I were to enter the contest, I would do a recipe that includes a Buccaneer Blends BBQ Sauce and fresh Hass Avocados. If you are from Florida you might include oranges or from Wisconsin a locally made cheese, or if there is a free-range farm nearby, you could use their fresh meat. The major rules are you need to use their products and something fresh from your area. The recipe you use does not need be an original. It can be an old favorite so long as you use something locally.

Winners of the contest will receive Maine-made prizes, such as Maine Lobster, Maine ice cream and a Sea Bagâ„¢, the eco-friendly totes made from recycled sails. To enter, join the World Harbors Look Local Contest group on Facebook where all the rules and regulations are explained. Deadline to enter is July 15, 2009.