Win $5,000 from Hass Avocados

hass-avocados.jpg I can’t think of anyone out there that could not use an extra $5,000. That is why I am sharing with you an opportunity to win $5,000 and all you have to do is make a short video. The people at Hass Avocados are sponsoring It Has to be Hass, an online Make-Your-Own-Video Contest where first prize is a check for 5 Grand. Second place takes home $2,500 in cash. With that kind of money you can take your economic stimulus check and buy something really frivolous.

All you have to do is make a sixty-second (or less) video that shows why you love Hass Avocados from Mexico. As a tailgater I am sure you have consumed a few gallons of guacamole in your lifetime so this should not be a problem. The only catch is your video MUST mention Hass Avocados from Mexico and you MUST use their logo. All the rules and terms and conditions can be found on their official contest page.

If you decide to enter the contest and submit a video, I will sweeten the pot. If you mention in your video, I’ll pay $100 to the maker of the video I think did the best job. (100 bucks may pale in comparison to $5,000 but what do you expect? They sell millions of avocados a year. I blog about tailgating. Cut me some slack.) Even if you do not win a prize from the Hass Avocados people, the best video in my opinion that mentions by name will get $100 via PayPal. Just make sure you let me know how to find your video if you want to be considered. June 6, 2008 is the deadline to submit your video for the It Has To Be Hass contest. That date will also be the deadline to be eligible to receive the $100 from All videos that mention will be linked and viewable here on June 7, 2008. The winner will be announced here on on June 15, 2008.

The decision on who gets the $100 via PayPal will be my decision and my decision only. Factors that could influence my opinion include comments on in support of your video. Getting your friends and family to comment on the video page will help a lot. Total views of your video will also count. Getting your video done and up on YouTube sooner will work to your advantage too. The longer it is up there, the more potential views it can gain before the June 6, 2008 deadline. In the end, my preference on which video I think is the best will be the ultimate determining factor.

Make sure to read their rules thoroughly. It would suck to put together a cool video only to have it disqualified on a technicality. Good luck!