Cholula Hot Sauces In Four Varieties

Cholula Hot Sauce 4 Pack When it comes to hot sauces, most people lump them all into one category: HOT. But that is truly not the case. They say variety is the spice of life and I believe that to be true. Now when you have variety in your spicy hot sauces, now you truly have uncovered something.

I was recently sent a sample 4-pack of Cholula Hot Sauces. Of course it came with the famous Cholula Original flavor but also came with three others that you may not have tried. The three new flavors included Chili Garlic, Chili Lime and Chipotle.

Cholula has been a long time supporter of tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle. So it stands to reason that they would expand their flavor spectrum to include those tastes that tailgaters would like to have in the parking lot. Of the three new flavors of Cholula Sauces my personal favorite was the Chipotle. It just seems to go well with tailgating adding that smokey pepper flavor to an atmosphere that is already filled with grill smoke.

Cholula has set up a Facebook Fan Page complete with a recipes section and the Cholula Cafe. There you can discover new dishes that use Cholula and then easily send them to your friends. Going even further, you can submit your favorite recipes to the Cholula Recipe of the Week contest for a chance to win Cholula prizes. Just go to the Recipes Tab at the top of their fan page, or simply click HERE.

To learn more about the Cholula family of sauces and to discover their newest flavors, visit:

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