WWJD For A Kegerator

kegeratorYou probably were around a few weeks ago when I introduced you to the Party-A-Cargo, the kegerator that attaches to your tow hitch. Now comes the opportunity to win your very own kegerator for your home to enjoy while you are not tailgating.

Kegerators.com is challenging anyone to create a funny, crazy, shocking and downright eye catching video about what they would do for a free kegerator. Upload it to YouTube or Google Videos, fill out the entry form found on the contest page and cross your fingers. Deadline to submit your video is August 31st so you have just about a month to get it done. Make sure to read all their legal mumbo jumbo but I am assuming you need to be of legal drinking age to enter this one.

If you decide to enter the contest and submit a video, I will sweeten the pot. If you mention TailgatingIdeas.com in your video, I’ll pay $100 to the maker of the video I think did the best job. Even if you do not win a free kegerator, the best video in my opinion that mentions TailgatingIdeas.com by name will get the $100. Just make sure you let me know how to find your video if you want it to be considered. August 31, 2008 is the deadline to submit your video for the Kegerator Video Contest. That date will also be the deadline to be eligible to receive the $100 from TailgatingIdeas.com. All videos that mention TailgatingIdeas.com will be linked and viewable here on September 1, 2008. The winner will be announced here on TailgatingIdeas.com on September 15, 2008.

The decision on who gets the $100 via PayPal will be my decision and my decision only. Factors that could influence my opinion include comments on TailgatingIdeas.com in support of your video. Getting your friends and family to comment on the video page will help a lot. Total views of your video will also count. Getting your video done and up on YouTube sooner will work to your advantage too. The longer it is up there, the more potential views it can gain before the deadline. In the end, my preference on which video I think is the best will be the ultimate determining factor. Sorry, my money, my decision. And if you are the only one to enter the contest and mention TailgatingIdeas.com, you win the money by default. Good luck!