WindowFanz Review

When Allen Iverson led the Sixers to the 2001 NBA Finals, the entire city of Philadelphia came along for the ride. Everyone was sporting jerseys and hats, and you couldn’t drive a few blocks without seeing Sixers flags proudly waving from car windows.

Showing my support, I affixed one to my trusty Geo Prizm and took a ride on the bandwagon. However, my enthusiasm for my home team was quickly pitted against my annoyance with the flag, always flapping in the wind. Rolling the window down quickly became out of the question. To make things worse, a few weeks of typical East Coast weather caused fading and fraying. No true fan should have to support their team in this way. Before I could bring myself to take it down, I woke up to find it had been stolen.

When my WindowFanz helmet arrived, I realized I would not have the same problems that the flag presented. The unique design allows you to connect the three-dimensional helmet of your choice to your car window with suction pads and a Velcro strap that connects it securely inside the car. The helmet itself is way more impressive than a plain flag. Made out of the same materials as actual helmets, it is a true-to-life replica complete with face mask, screws, and official logo.

WindowFanzMy Baylor University helmet arrived the morning I was heading down to the Jersey Shore for Labor Day weekend. I was running late, but it only took about 30 seconds to place it on my Toyota Corolla. After that, I was off and running, taking highways and byways and zipping in and out of the holiday traffic. When I reached my destination, the WindowFanz was safe and sound, right where I left it.

My Corolla and my helmet spent the weekend dealing with salty air and intermittent thunderstorms. By the time I left, I had to run the wipers a few times to clean my windshield, but the beautifully detailed helmet was firmly planted and in great shape.

I thought that was a great initial test for this well-designed product, but the next few days really proved its value.

Philly is certainly not the epicenter of Baylor University fandom, but I still got many honks and thumbs up from other passengers (and no, the honks were not a result of my driving skills). It seems the WindowFanz helmet is such a new and unique item that people can’t help but admire it, no matter their allegiance.

WindowFanzWhile WindowFanz are a much-needed alternative to (and improvement on) the traditional car flag, the availability of different teams is a concern. There are currently 23 college and 5 high school teams available through the website, but that is expected to increase as demand grows and licenses are secured.

Overall, this is a fantastic product. The sections will work on any non-porous surface, and, unlike car flags, there is absolutely no wind noise or fraying. Also, for our non-driving sports enthusiasts, WindowFanz can be placed on a desk or bookshelf, where it will sit upright. You can also remove the Velcro strap to use on an RV or rear window, or remove the suction cups to hang on a nail or wall hook. This versatility definitely adds to an already impressive, and much-needed, method for showing your team spirit.

If you are ready to take your fandom to the next level, ditch the flags and fly your WindowFanz! For more information or to see which schools are currently offered by WindowFanz, please visit: