Win The Tailgate Guy’s Rig While Helping To Beat cancer

Jay DiEugenio, a.k.a. The Tailgate Guy and author of “I Got Your Tailgate Party Right Here”, wants you to take his ride. And by his ride we mean his Newmar Allstar UTV (Ultimate Tailgate Vehicle). This baby is a 43′ long, mid engine diesel RV and comes equipped with a kitchen in the back that opens up to the outside, a slide out grill, 4 TVs including a 52″ flat panel on the outside, an external kicker sound system, 2 fridges, 2 bathrooms, an in-motion satellite system, tile floor throughout, a commercial ice maker and tons more. (To get more specs and details on this rig, click HERE.) Jay takes this monster tailgating all over the country and he is raffling it off to a lucky winner right after the Super Bowl. The best part about this raffle is that he hopes to raise $100,000 that will all go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Each Raffle ticket runs $100 or you can get six tickets for $500. Jay is only selling 5,000 raffle tickets so your odds of winning are better than you think. Even if you don’t win the rig, you’ll know that you were an integral part in the fight against cancer. This is a wonderful charitable cause and there is even an option to donate anything you can afford without buying a raffle ticket.

Price breakdown for this charitable raffle are:


THE Ultimate Tailgate Vehicle
Airfare for two to Tampa
Premium Site at Super ‘Gate II

2nd & 3rd
A complete tailgate set-up from Camp Chef
Premium Site at Super ‘Gate II

Premium Site at Super ‘Gate II

If you can afford to buy a raffle ticket, I would suggest doing so. Just for the opportunity to win this awesome tailgating vehicle is reason enough let alone the warm fuzzy you’ll get knowing you’re helping to fight cancer. This is a great way to show everyone that tailgaters are not just a bunch of obnoxious, hooligans that cause problems before games. Show the world that you can help make a difference in other people’s lives positively. Get a raffle ticket today.