Weekend Wrap-Up #95: New Look Design Edition

If you are reading this in your RSS reader or received this in an email via RSS, you’ll probably be a bit confused. If you are reading this while visiting the website but are not a regular reader or visitor, you’ll probably be confused as well. Cut to the chase, we have undergone another design change and hopefully this one will stick around for quite a while.

Long story short, the last theme we were using was broken and was not compatible with our newest upgraded software. The images in the flash presentation were not rendering properly and was making the home page look like a real mess. We even tried uninstalling the new software and going back to the older version and that was even more disastrous. So here we are with a new site design that hopefully will be easier to read and navigate and all in all, make your visit a more enjoyable one. But because we have had a number of different designs in the last 12 months, I thought it would be fun to have a poll to see which one was your favorite. I am including screenshots of the last three designs to jog your memory as to which designs are included in the poll. (I intentionally left out the current design because you can clearly see that one if you are visiting the site.)

Old School design for Tailgating Ideas

Yellow and Black design for Tailgating Ideas

Most recent design

Now you can vote and let us know which one you liked. If the response is overwhelmingly in favor of an older design, we may just go ahead and switch it back. But no promises. Links follow the poll.

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