Tailgater Monthly Survey Could Win You A Big Green Egg or Honeywell Generator

Tailgater Monthly Logo If I told you could win a Big Green Egg outdoor convection cooker/smoker or one of two Honeywell Generators just by answering 13 questions, would you do it? Of course you would.

Tailgater Monthly Magazine wants your opinion on all thing tailgating and is offering up prizes as an incentive to take their survey. Now it is not a phone survey where someone will call you nor will it take up more than 5 minutes. You will have to submit a valid email address if you would like to be entered in the contest to win the Big Green Egg or the generators. If you would rather take the survey anonymously, you can do that too. Some of the questions include things like: “How many times per year do you tailgate?” and “What type of vehicle do you tailgate with?”. Pretty simple and there are only a handful of questions to answer.

The information gathered will be used to provide a better understanding of who tailgaters are and what they want. Not only will this be information that can help companies design and market products that make tailgating better but also can serve as a voice of tailgating nation when it comes to issues like shortened tailgating times and alcohol restrictions.

If you have five minutes (and who doesn’t have five minutes they can spare on the computer?) take the survey and you can potentially win a sweet prize. Make sure to complete the survey once you start it. In order to prevent those from stuffing the ballot box and gaining an unfair advantage at winning prizes, only one entry per person is allowed. To take the Tailgater Monthly Survey, click the link below.

Tailgater Monthly’sSweepstakes Survey