Google +1 Button Added

Google +1 ButtonDespite the valiant efforts by Yahoo! and Bing with recent marketing campaigns, Google remains the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to search engines. Google recently came out with a new way to help others on the web find the stuff they are looking for. It is called Google +1 and the icon you will be seeing looks like this – [google1]

Most of us are familiar with the ‘like” button (also known as the thumbs up button) on Facebook. This +1 button appears to be Google’s answer to that. But instead of being confined just to content you see on Facebook, Google’s +1 button covers the entire internet. Take a look at this brief video on how Google +1 works.


If you are more of a reader than a video person, you can learn what Google +1 is all about by visiting

So why on a tailgating blog are we telling you about a search engine widget with bells and whistles? The short answer comes down to shameless self-promotion.

We have added the Google +1 widget to our blog posts to make it easier on you, the visitor, to recommend a post to others. We’re not asking you to scour our entire website and click every +1 button you see. (Although that would be awesome if you did…) We’re just letting you know that if you do find something on here that is useful, there is an easy way for you to share it with other tailgaters like yourself. By doing that you are not only helping out other tailgaters seeking quality information and tailgating ideas but you are helping us out by sending us more visitors who may not have discovered this tailgating blog.

So if you have a free moment, go to and search for “Tailgating Ideas”. (Or you can just click HERE and we have done it for you.) comes up as the first result. To the right of the website name you will see a little rectangle with +1 inside of it. It should be grey but will change to color once you mouse over it. Just click on it once and it should change to full color. You just gave a +1 in Google and now others will see it too. It’s just that simple and should take you less than 10 seconds.

Special thanks goes out to Garry Conn for alerting me to this cool new feature on the web. Have fun with this and now go out there and recommend some cool web content to other people on the internet.