Weekend Wrap #10: Mini Links Make Me Happy

news_wrap.jpgNo matter what kind of tailgater you consider yourself to be, this weekend’s NFL mini camps unofficially opens up the football tailgating season. Oh sure, the college football spring games have mostly come and gone and there were plenty of people tailgating those events. However, mini camps help to open the tailgating season for the NFL tailgater. Don’t believe me? Read my guest blog on The Ultimate Tailgater to find out how I really feel about NFL mini camps. If you are not going to read that, check out what’s been happening this week in regards to tailgating.

  • Katie Cook of CMT.com is amazed at the tailgating scene that is a Kenny Chesney concert.
  • Book, Line & Sinker recaps (with photos) their day tailgating the Jimmy Buffet concert in Frisco, Texas.
  • PNC Bank Arts Center has added two more shows to the Summer 2008 schedule. You guessed it. They banned tailgating at both O.A.R. and Beatstock ’08.
  • Mentoring UK suggests wearing crazy contact lenses to your next tailgate party.
  • The Madison Capital times reports on the tailgating going on at Lambeau Field prior to the NFL Draft.
  • Who needs the Stanley Cup Playoffs when you have the WHL Western Conference finals to tailgate?
  • Black Shoe Diaries compares sports blogging to conversations you would have at a tailgate party.
  • Life in the Fast Lanes reveals its list of Barbecue Grills and Recipes for Real Men. They even make a mention of The Freedom Grill FG-100.
  • Omaha Injury Board reports that tailgating in Omaha will continue prior to the College World Series for at least another 20 more years.
  • I’ve heard of concert and sports tailgating but tailgating a rock and gem show?
  • Mario Batali, Rachael Ray are set to visit Texas Motor Speedway for the Ultimate Tailgating Party in the Fall.
  • The starting asking price on a NASCAR race themed BBQ grill chuck wagon designed for tailgating is around $17,000 on eBay. What, no one wants to bid on this thing?
  • The Kansas City Kansan reports that tailgating at Kansas Speedway is just as intense as it is at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • I can understand tailgating before a New England Patriots game but for a Bill Belichick lecture?
  • Brenda Scisson declares that a tailgate party to a female fanatic is more treasured than a candlelit gourmet dinner and dancing.