Mailbag: My Email To The NFL’s Brian McCarthy

If you couldn’t tell by a few of my previous posts, (NFL Beer Pong Table Is Pure Hypocrisy and Fans Calling Bullsh*t On NFL Selling Beer Pong Tables) I am a bit chapped about the NFL selling beer pong tables all while trumpeting responsible tailgating and consumption of alcohol. Both post have received a fair amount of traffic but I have yet to hear from anyone from the NFL on this issue.

Because I was contacted by Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s director of corporate communications, regarding my petition to protest the Tailgating Ban At The Super Bowl I figured it would be my turn to contact him. I pulled up that old email and hit reply. Here is what I wrote:

from Dave
to “McCarthy, Brian”
date Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 11:06 AM

Hi Brian,

You’ll probably remember me from our emails (see below) and our phone conversation we had in regards to the tailgating ban prior to the Super Bowl in Phoenix a few years ago. I am contacting you today because I was hoping to get a response to the NFL selling beer pong tables on all while condemning fans for the binge consumption of alcohol.

I wrote two articles on this subject and have been rather critical that this is blatant hypocrisy on the NFL’s part.

I know the canned response will be “these tables come with a ping pong net so therefore it is not a beer pong table”. The fact remains that these “Tailgating Tables” are designed and being sold for the sole purpose of a binge drinking game. How else can you explain the EXACT dimensions of these tables are the EXACT measurements of a standard beer pong table? Hardly a coincidence.

I recently read in USA Today ( where the NFL is encouraging limiting tailgating hours in all 31 stadiums in order to discourage binge drinking and unruly behavior that is a byproduct of it. Yet the NFL is willing to profit from the sale of beer pong tables on its own merchandising website? Doesn’t make sense to be talking about responsible drinking in the parking lots and inside the stadiums yet selling paraphernalia that is intended for a beer drinking game. I am very curious as to how the NFL can explain this.

Feel free to contact me via email or my cell phone (XXX-XXX-XXXX). If this is the first time you have heard about this and you are not in a position to comment, can you please put me in touch with someone at so I can ask them why the NFL is selling beer pong tables. Thank you.


David Lamm

This email was sent two days ago and I have yet to receive a response. Understandably Mr. McCarthy is a very busy man especially this time of year with the 2009 NFL season a few weeks from getting underway. I know this email was delivered to the correct address because I replied to his original email and did not receive any notification that it bounced back or was undeliverable. I am rather confident that he has at least read it because I doubt seriously someone of his position would not have a BlackBerry or an iPhone capable or receiving emails while out of the office. I highly doubt he has chosen this time of year to go on vacation and to be away from his phone or email for any extended period of time.

I just wanted to let all of you know that I do not plan on letting this issue die without getting some sort of a response to this. This issue needs to be addressed and I am afraid the NFL knows this could be a PR fiasco if not handled properly. I do not plan on giving up until someone from the NFL gives an explanation as to why they are selling beer pong tables.