Check Out Johnsonville “5-Second Rule” Video

At the beginning of this month we told you about Johnsonville’s latest promotion called “Share your Ville“. In a nutshell it’s a video contest where everyday people are encouraged to shoot and upload videos sharing the different ways they enjoy Johnsonville Sausage. Seeing how the top prize can fetch someone $10,000 in cash, I decided to put together my own Share your Ville video and submitted it. To view it on the official website, click HERE. Make sure to click on the area that says “Click here if you like this video!“.

If you would like a sneak preview of the video, I took the liberty of uploading it to YouTube for ease of viewing. Check it out:


For those that are curious, the man behind the camera is none other than our own Mike “the Beer Guy”. Not only does he drink beer and review them, he’s a damn good camera man too. The guy behind me doing a stellar job of looking like a natural born tailgater, drinking a beer and admiring the brats on the grill is Dave Windsor. Although Dave may not be famous (up until now) his son is. Dave Windsor is the father of Jason Windsor who fans of college baseball would recognize that name as the man who was named the 2004 College World Series Most Outstanding Player. Lastly, if you are wondering where to get the shirt I am wearing, you can buy them at