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Opena iPhone Case

(This is a guest post and product review by Jennifer Vitela from Girls Gone Tailgating. At the bottom of this review learn how you can get one for free.)

iPhone Bottle Opener case

I love Fox’s “New Girl” on Tuesday nights. The one-liners are better than any other sitcom on network TV. Just the other day, Nick and Schmidt pitched their idea for “Real Apps” to Jess’ rich boyfriend. It was basically a Swiss army knife attached to an iPhone. Because who doesn’t want a pocket knife and tweezers glued to the back of their phone? A ridiculous idea. Or was it?

Days later I was tailgating at the USC spring scrimmage when Dave Lamm from TailgatingIdeas.com gave me a little present… one that made me the coolest girl in the parking lot. Because I was the only one who could open a bottle of Pacifico — with my iPhone. That’s right. The Opena Snap-on Hard Case with an Integrated Bottle Opener is an iPhone case with an actual slide out bottle opener!

I absolutely loved the surprise looks on our neighboring tailgaters’ faces when I said, “Let me open that for you” while whipping out my iPhone. Even better than the looks I get when I use my Kangaroo scrotum bottle opener.

And it’s tough. Like, “get-drunk-and-drop-your-phone-but-don’t-cry” tough. But it’s not bulky. Go figure.

Earlier that week a friend gave me a Chanel iPhone case as a gift. I didn’t think I’d be taking it off anytime soon. Until Dave gave me the Opena case. Chanel who?

Take a look at the Opena iPhone case with bottle opener in action:

The Opena Case iPhone 4/4S comes in either Black or White and is priced $39.95.

You can win your own Opena Case iPhone 4/4S by commenting on the Tailgating Ideas Facebook page. Make sure you “Like” our page and then you can comment on the wall post promoting this product review.

Just leave a comment on there stating which color, black or white, you prefer and why you want to open up bottles with your iPhone. Comments will be accepted until Midnight Pacific time, May 13, 2012. After the comment window closes, a winner will be picked by the amount of “likes” your comment receives from other Facebook users. So that means encourage all your friends to like our Facebook page and to like your comment. The comment with the most likes, that is who wins the iPhone case. Good luck!