No More Pain In The Ass Tailgating With ‘The TaleGator’

talegator_girl.jpg Seating is always at a premium while tailgating. No matter how many tailgating chairs you bring there always seems to never be enough places for people to sit down. Invariably a few people will start sitting on the pulled down tailgate of a pick-up truck. After all, that is how tailgating got its name, right? Veteran tailgaters know that sitting on an extended tailgate is fine but is not comfortable for any extended period of time. Joe Fournier over at The TaleGator has developed a cool new tailgating product for tailgaters who simply want a comfortable tailgate seat attached to their truck tailgate.

If you couldn’t tell by the photo, The TaleGator is a large piece of molded plastic that is shaped into two molded seats with two beverage holders and storage tray in between. It is specially designed with an air pocket eliminating the need for a cushion and will fit onto the tailgates of full-size down to compact trucks. One of the nicest features is no professional installation is needed for the various attachment methods including permanent Christmas tree style push pins or a removable Velcro strip.

gator-black-2.jpgA little history on The Talegator: Joe Fournier, the inventor of The Talegator, has experienced many uncomfortable hours sitting on the tailgate of his pickup at various sporting events with his children. A couple of years ago, he decided there had to be a better way than hauling chairs to these events. As Joe owned a tool and fixture building business, he decided to make a prototype tool to test his better seat theory. The first part he made for his truck was a real hit with all his friends and became the subject of considerable conversation and interest. A common reaction was “Why didn’t I think of this?”. Joe decided his product idea was a winner and proceeded to obtain strong patent coverage and protection for The Talegator.

The Talegator is available in three styles: Black Embossed, Camo Embossed or Real Tree Embossed. Black will run you $62.50, Camo is $69.95 and Tree Embossed costs $109.99. All three styles are being offered with a $10 discount but that sale may end soon so may want to order quickly.

For you that want to see a video of the Talegator in action, check out this YouTube video.


Thanks to Joe Fournier for thinking up The Talegator. You now have the option to have two comfortable seats built right into your tailgate. No more sore butt syndrome from hours of sitting on hard metal tailgate. Check out The Talegator for more details and to buy your own Talegator. If you decide to buy one, let them know you found out about them through