UpFront Seats Offer Tailgaters More Seating Options

upfront-seats_truck.jpgFinding everyone a place to sit down at your tailgate party can sometimes be a real hassle. Someone always seems to be using your cooler as a chair and they continually have to get up each time you need another beer. Sitting on the folded down truck tailgate is always a popular place to sit but that normally can only accommodate two people. Here comes a tailgating product that not only solves your seating issue but utilizes the bed of your pick-up to seat five adults. It’s called UpFront Seats.

UpFront Seats are portable, lightweight, rugged stadium-style seats with three seats in the back row and two in the front. Most people do not utilize the beds of their trucks effectively while tailgating. Most of the time the bed area goes unused. UpFront Seats now gives you stadium-style, elevated seating that fits perfectly into your truck bed.

upfront_seats.jpgUpFront Seats hold five adults, yet folds onto an ultra-convenient, heavy-duty, roll-around metal frame. UpFront Seats’ cushions come in black with the UpFront Seats logo. The seat backs can be covered with your own design by adding custom vinyl snap on covers. Most NCAA schools are available. UpFront Seats even come with a 3 year, no-hassle warranty.

(Click on the photos to see larger images of UpFront Seats.)

UpFront Seats will run you just under $500 and the company has yet to start shipping them. You can be one of the first tailgaters to get yours by pre-ordering yours now. Check out upfrontproducts.com for more information and to order. While you are on there, check out the other items they offer like gas powered blenders, motorized coolers, turkey deep fryers and more cool tailgating gear.

As always, if you end up placing an order, make sure to drop a note and let them know you learned about them from TailgatingIdeas.com.