Ball Park Brand Burgers and Giveaway

While we all love our weekends spent in the parking lot eating and drinking, the sad reality is that most of us have somewhere to be on Monday.  As we pine for the next opportunity to see our teams play we usually have the entire week to get through before we can load up the car again to tailgate.  Since my wife works at a job that requires her to work several evenings a week I’m usually on the hook for a few solo meals a week, in fact that was the situation I am facing tonight.   On occasion I will fire up the grill and cook a meal for one, but most of the time I fry up some eggs and leave it at that.  Well that can get old quick and sometimes you gotta come up with a different solution.31666_123177024370134_7227124_n (640x339)

I’ve been a fan of Ball Park hotdogs for years, and unbeknownst to me they also make a burger patty product.  In fact a few weeks ago I received an email asking if I would like give them a try, which I was more than willing to.  A few days later I had a few coupons in my mailbox.  Not long after that I was off to the store to grab a pack.

(Disclaimer: We did receive a sample of the Ball Park Burgers for free. The fact this sample was provided to us free of charge in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.)
If you’re not familiar with the product already, they’ve been on the shelves for some time now, I’ll give a brief description of them.  They are precooked frozen beef patties that you simply have to reheat to eat.  What the manufacturer claims is that you get that grilled burger taste, without necessarily having to fire up the grill.   The test for these was pretty simple in my eyes, all I had to do was eat one to see if it tasted like a grilled burger.  I decided to do this by using the least grill like cooking method listed on the bag, which was the microwave.  Fast forward a couple minutes and I had a hot burger ready for taste testing.
I have to say that I was surprised with the product, I actually liked it a lot.  In fact I would say that it was the best frozen burger product I have had.  Was it just like a fresh handmade burger off the grill?  No, but I honestly don’t believe that you can ever find something that is on par with that in the freezer section.  My wife actually had one after she got home from a late shift and she said it reminded her of a fast food burger.  I think she was right on with that statement.    Where a product like this would excel is the guy who is stuck at home on game day and wants something super quick to scarf during half time, between innings, or during intermission.  It would seem logical to mention that there are several flavors available.  I sampled the plain beef patty variety but, as you can see in the picture, beef and cheese and beef and onion are also available.
As part of our deal to review the product we received some extra coupons to giveaway to our readers.  Each coupon is good for any ONE Ball Park Item priced $9.99 or lower and doesn’t expire until the middle of 2014.  You have four ways to enter, and on 11/20/13 I’ll randomly draw one winner from each entry method so it’s possible you could win more than one coupon!  Details on entering are below:
  • Instagram: Head over to my personal Instagram page and look for the Ball Park Coupon photo.  To enter you must “like” and leave a comment on that photo.
  • Twitter:  I’m going to tweet a link to this contest on my personal twitter page, and in the tweet I’ll state that you can enter by replying.  To enter you have to reply to that specific tweet with a reply tweet including the hashtag “#bringonthebeef”
  • Facebook:  Head over to the Official Tailgating Ideas Facebook page and look for the post concerning this contest.  To enter you must leave a comment.
  • This Post:  The easiest way to enter is simply leave a comment on this post!

Multiple entries via the same method, e.g. leaving four comments on the Instagram or Facebook post, will not count.