Tailgating Gear in Review: April 2010 Edition

It seems as though April was a bit light for new tailgating games and gear coming out and hitting the market. That being said it doesn’t mean there was nothing new, just less than normal. I’m sure that will pick up in the coming months as we approach summer concert tailgating, summer grilling season and of course, football season is right around the corner. So, if you have been napping for the past month or this is your first visit here, here is what you missed.

Yankee Stadium cookie tin Cooperstown Cookie Company – When you think of “tailgating gear” you probably don’t think of cookies. But what if they were shortbread cookies made in the shape of baseballs? Or what if these cookies were the official cookies of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York? You might change your tune on what exactly is considered tailgating gear.

Cookies are the desert of choice for tailgaters for a number of reasons. They are easy to transport and you can pick them up and eat them without needing a plate and fork like cakes and pies. Plus cookies shaped like baseballs are perfectly suited for tailgating this time of year. Combine that convenience with the fact these baseball cookies come packaged in special stadium tins designed to look like major league ballparks and you’ve got yourself a home run for those tailgaters with a sweet tooth. Find out more about Cooperstown Cookie Company or visit their website HERE.

New York Yankees Custom Tailgating Grill – Since last football season we have been taking Margaritaville Tailgating Grills and transforming them into custom team grills for various sports fans. Our most recent custom job was done for a die-hard New York Yankees fan. Of course when you customize a tailgating grill to honor the 27-time World Series champions, you need to step up your game. I think we did that in that we not only customized it to Yankees colors complete with a center emblem but also gave it the trademark Yankee pinstripes. (Click images for larger view)

New York Yankees Tailgating Grill.New York Yankees Tailgating Grill.New York Yankees Tailgating Grill

As you can see, the pinstripes are the exact color and width of a real Yankee pinstripe. The white spacing between them is also the exact width as you would find on an official Yankees uniform. To learn more about how this grill came to be or to see other examples of other grills we have customized, visit this post – Yankees Tailgating Grill

Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix
– Typically an early morning call to the tailgating lot means two things… 1) ESPN has decided to televise your game and has moved it to a noon kick-off and 2) you are going to need a good Bloody Mary recipe. Now that I have discovered Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix, No. 2 has just been eliminated. All the ingredients of a spicy Bloody Mary are right there in the bottle. All you need to do when you are ready to make one while tailgating is to “Shake the Bottle and Wake the Luv”.


Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix is not for every tailgater. If you like a milder Bloody Mary, you may want to stick to those mixes you find in your local grocery store. The beauty of Jimmy Luv’s is the right combination of spices are already mixed in there. That means you don’t have to haul your entire spice rack from home just to make a good Bloody Mary in the parking lot.

You can get a three-pack of Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix directly from their website for $24.99 with shipping included. A six-pack will cost you $41.49 with shipping thrown in and a 12-pack is $69.99 with shipping included. For more information or to buy some Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix for your next tailgate, visit: jimmyluvsbloodymarymix.com

Go Green Tailgate Packs – As tailgaters we all want to lighten the environmental load our tailgate parties typically have. Because tailgating needs to be fast, quick and convenient, environmentalism sometimes gets sacrificed for convenience and disposable. Now with Go Green Tailgate Packs you can still have an easy set-up to your tailgate party yet still be gentle on the environment.

Go Green Tailgate Packs come in a variety of options but no matter what package you choose, you can rest at ease knowing all items are 100% recyclable or compostable. Go Green Tailgate items like plates, forks, spoons and knives are not made from paper and plastic but rather made of renewable resources like corn stalks and other environmentally friendly materials. To learn more about “going green” while tailgating, you can read more from our Go Green Tailgate post from Earth Day 2010.

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