Fans Calling Bullsh*t On NFL Selling Beer Pong Tables

Seattle Seahawks Beer Pong TableTwo weeks ago I called out the NFL for being a bunch of money grubbing hypocrites for selling officially licensed NFL Beer Pong tables on Today I went back to see if the NFL had the balls to come out and admit they were selling beer pong tables and not “tailgating tables”. Status quo as of today. But the interesting thing to me was the consumer comments calling out the NFL on their bogus charade.

You see, the NFL claims these tables are for playing ping pong while tailgating. They even go as far as to include a cute little table tennis net. Unfortunately the table is too narrow for ping pong and is the exact dimensions of a beer pong table. I wasn’t buying this misleading claim and apparently NFL fans agree with me.

I surfed over to and browsed these “tailgating tables” that feature the team name and logos of all 32 NFL franchises. What caught my eye was the customer reviews of these products. I grabbed a few screen shots just in case these consumer reviews were mysteriously deleted.

The first review I found interesting was on the Green Bay Packers Beer Pong Table (Product No. 3634669). This review came from someone who calls himself An NFL Fan from Raleigh, NC and was written on 7/30/2009. This guy writes:

Really? You think adding a net to a beer pong table (far too narrow to play ping pong on) is going to cover up the original intention of these? You crack down on players for drinking them come out with an item that facilitates binge drinking. Classy.

Screen shot of that product review. (click on image for a larger view)


The next set of reviews came on the San Diego Chargers Beer Pong Table (Product No. 3710846). The first review that appears is from Chris from San Diego who reviewed on 8/12/2009. Chris knew it wasn’t for ping pong and bought one SPECIFICALLY for playing beer pong. His review:

This is NOT a regular ping-pong table. If you’re looking to play real ping-pong, you will be disappointed. It is way to narrow and pp balls don’t really bounce that well on the table.

However this IS a very sweet beer-pong table, which is why I bought it. It is designed to be used for beer-pong, especially while tailgating. If our looking for a beer-pong table, you will love this.

The second person to review this item was Three Sheets from San Diego, CA on 7/30/2009. He just wants the NFL to come clean and call a spade a spade.

c’mon NFL… call this what it is. Beer Pong isn’t illeagal, and this is clearly a Beer Pong table.

Screen shot of product review. (click on image for a larger view)


Apparently I am not the only one that thinks the NFL is being just a tad bit hypocritical while profiting off of binge drinking.

All I am asking of the NFL is to come clean and call these “tailgating tables” what they really are. They are beer pong tables plain and simple. Does the NFL really think we are that stupid?

I would recommend not dropping the $129.99 to buy one of these NFL Beer Pong Tables until the NFL comes out and admits they are intentionally profiting from binge drinking. Until then, I personally will refuse to buy ANYTHING from Until the NFL is finished insulting your intelligence, I suggest you do the same.

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11 thoughts to “Fans Calling Bullsh*t On NFL Selling Beer Pong Tables”

  1. There is nothing in the product name or description that implies beer pong, or ping pong for that matter. It makes no sense that they add the photo inset that says “includes ping pong net”; this product is a perfectly good table for tailgating, which to me means holding a buffet-style array of tailgating food. And, sure, you could play beer pong on it, but the main thing that gives you that idea in the first place is the word “pong” in the inset.

  2. In response to the above commenter, Matt, you are correct. Them adding in the ping pong net is unecsesary. The problem here is that the dimension of the tables (8′ x 2′) are the exact dimensions of standard beer pong tables. What buffet table have you seen in the parking lots that are the exact measurements of a beer pong table? This is a beer pong table and they should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pass it off as anything else.

  3. There is NO WAY this could ever be mistaken for a ping pong table. When I first saw it I knew right way it looked like a beer pong table. Just because they include a net doesn’t mean it was not supposed to be used for binge drinking. They include that little silica packet in your beef jerky but you don’t intend to use that. Just like that I am sure they expect people to throw away that net. What a waste.

  4. The funniest comment is the guy that says it sucks as a ping pong table but kicks ass as a beer pong table. Classic!

    I’m surprised the NFL is not ripping down these customer reviews saying it is a beer pong table. Or maybe they are allowing them because it gets across the point of what they are selling without them having to come out and say it. They can point the fingers at the fans and say they are the ones calling this a beer pong table…. not us.

  5. What a joke. Really, NFL! Really? You think a net is going to throw us off the scent that this is a beer pong table?

  6. They must think we are really dumb. I normally play cornhole while tailgating but even I recognized this right off the bat as a beer pong table.

  7. Frickin SWEET! A beer pong table that looks like a football field with my team’s logo. Go Steelers!

  8. How long before the NFL gets too much backlash from this and eventually has to eat the costs of making these pieces of crap?

  9. To the first guy Matt, have you ever seen a beer pong table before? The thing that gives me the impression you should play beer pong on these things is not the net. It’s because they are the standard size for 99% of the beer pong tables out there. Keep drinking that NFL koolaide bro.

  10. This is a beirut table no matter WTF you call it or include with it! and quit calling it beer pong people. It’s called Beirut for good reason.

  11. yea, this supports binge drinking, but all those licensed shot glasses and beer mugs dont. All the beer commercials during games and superbowl dont. Give me a break people, stop being so damn shallow. Beer pong you consume 1 beer a game, and thats if you play with beer. You can play with water, juice whatever you want. The NFL isn’t holding a gun to anyone head and saying if you use the table for beer pong, you have to binge drink. Grow up.

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