Super Bowl Watch Party Essential: The Stadium Pal

If you are like most Americans, you’ll be spending a good portion of this coming Sunday eating, drinking and watching the Super Bowl. Watching the Super Bowl at home or at a party presents a unique dilemma. When to make a bathroom break? There is a product out there that solves the following problems. 1) You normally are consuming more beer than you would watching a normal game, therefore more trips to the bathroom. 2) Most of us use commercial breaks to hit the bathroom but with the Super Bowl, the commercials are usually just as entertaining as the game. 3) If at a Super Bowl party, there are normally more guests than there are bathrooms which translates into waiting in line. So what’s a guy to do? Get yourself a Stadium Pal, a.k.a. a Stadium Buddy, and never miss a snap or gratuitous Candice Michelle commercial. Simply put, the Stadium Pal is a portable and self-contained restroom/urinal system that allows you to relieve yourself without leaving your spot on the couch. It might seem gross but it sure beats missing the game or wearing Depends. The Stadium Pal consists of three simple components: The Male External Catheter worn like a condom, a flexible hose with connector, latex free straps and a collection bag (holds 1000 ml) complete with drain valve. The leg bag system can be worn on the inner calf and is completely hidden beneath loose fitting jeans or pants. (Don’t wear shorts and expect not to be found out, jackass.) When the bag gets full, it will probably be halftime and you’ll have plenty of time to wait in line to empty it. With the Super Bowl halftime show toned down after Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction you really aren’t missing much. Check out David Sedaris on David Letterman talking about the Stadium Pal. Funny and informative.


You can get your own Stadium Pal from for under 30 bucks. And don’t worry ladies, the also make “The Stadium Gal” for you too. Enjoyed this post? You may also like these: