Power Drill Your Margaritas

The Boat Blender

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Since the inception of tailgating, beer seems to be the adult beverage of choice in the parking lots around the nation. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s convenient and easy to transport and comes in it’s own container. (Not to mention it tastes pretty damn good too.) What about the non-beer drinking tailgaters? A lot of people, or, dare we say, women, don’t like beer. Many women (and a few guys here and there) would rather have a blender drink while tailgating. Finding a power converter that is strong enough to mix a batch of margaritas using your home blender is next to impossible. A 12-volt blender can be expensive and buying one is not very practical if you are a casual tailgater and will not use it on a weekly basis. What if there was a way of making frozen Margaritas, Pina Coladas or Daiquiris using your cordless power drill? It is not only possible but it will cost you less than $30 to do it.

First things first; most of you reading this probably already have a cordless power drill at home for odd jobs and home improvements. You will need a cordless drill first and if you don’t have one, picking one up is probably not a bad idea just to have for home repairs that always seem to come up. Boat Blender chick Now that you have your drill, the Boat Blender is a completely portable blender system that can whip up a batch of margaritas in about 60 to 90 seconds. A standard Boat Blender kit comes with two (2) 32 oz. mugs with caps and straws, one (1) drill bit and one (1) blending attachment set for one mug. The attachment set includes the hard plastic base, blender blades and gasket. All you do is place the custom drill bit made especially for the Boat Blender into your drill chuck just like you would a regular drill bit. Then place the drill bit into the plastic base, pull the trigger and you are whipping up some frozen drinks while tailgating. Once your drink is blended, take off the blending attachment, replace with your mug cap and straw and start the party.

…make sure your drill has at least 1100 RPM to blend a decent drink…

If you already have a cordless drill and plan to use the Boat Blender, make sure your drill has at least 1100 RPM to blend a decent drink. Drills with 1100 RPMs will do a good job of blending but you will still get some M&M size ice pellets in the slush. (Most good quality drills – 12 volts and higher – turn at around 1100 RPM.) Check your drill to make sure it puts out 1100 RPM or higher. When it comes to RPMs and the Boat Blender, more is better.

Other tips you should consider when using the Boat Blender is you should use more ice than liquid when mixing a drink. Just like your blender at home, if you put in a few chunks of ice they will just float around the top of the bottle. For best results fill your bottle to about the top of the handle with ice. Add your liquid to about 2/3rds of the ice. This will give your Boat Blender blades something to grab onto and blend. Also, it may sound silly but make sure to use both hands; one holding the drill and the other holding the bottle handle. Lastly, before heading out to tailgate with the Boat Blender, make sure your drill battery has a full charge. The Boat Blender is pretty ingenious but it can not overcome a dead or weak battery.

So you gotta have one of these, right? The Boat Blender 2-pack which includes everything you need to get started costs just $29.95. You can get your Boat Blender directly from our online tailgating store by clicking HERE!