Solise Sunwash

Solise Logo Even though the calendar has turned to November and it is getting colder out there, now is not the time to ignore the damaging effects the sun can have on your skin. Most of us tailgating in August and September slather on a thick layer of sunblock so we are not burned to a crisp by the time we head into the game. Although sunblock is a marvelous invention that allows us to enjoy outdoor activities like tailgating there are some inherent inconveniences with applying sunscreen. What if there was a way you could combine applying sunscreen with your daily shower? Now you can with Solise Sunwash.

I was recently sent a sample of Solise body wash to test out for myself. I was told that it works just like any other body wash soap but the big difference was that it leaves a layer of sunscreen (SPF 15) on your skin even after you towel off. Thinking there had to be some sort of a catch involved I agreed to have them send me a sample to try for myself.

The first thing I was concerned with was the scent this new soap would have. No self-respecting tailgater wants to hit the parking lot smelling like he was trapped inside the women’s fragrance counter at Macy’s for the past 12 hours. Pleasantly surprised, the body wash had a clean smell and didn’t have any type of perfume scent. The second concern I had was would it feel greasy not only during the shower but afterward. After all, the soap has SPF 15 in it and most sunscreens I have encountered feel greasy when first applied. Again, to my surprise, it did not feel greasy going on and there was no greasy feeling after I rinsed off. The day I chose to test Solise was a day I knew I would be outside quite a bit working on some custom tailgating grills. I intentionally did not apply any sunscreen as I normally would when I am working outside for that long period of a time. At the end of the day I took a look in the mirror and wasn’t burned nor did it look like I had been outside for any length of time.

After using Solise I visited their website and wanted to learn more. Here are some important points to note about Solise.

  • Cleanses and protects your skin with a unique patent-pending formula containing SPF 15 sunscreen.
  • Daily UVA/UVB protection.
  • Feels and works like a premium body wash.
  • Non-Greasy.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Skin Cancer Foundation recommended. Dermatologist tested.
  • Non-Comedogenic, does not clog pores.
  • Formulated with natural emollients and skin conditioners to leave your skin soft and hydrated.
  • Paraben Free.
  • Anti-Aging.
  • Not tested on animals and contains no animal by-products.

Now that I have tried Soli9se I can admit to you that it will be the soap I use on tailgating days. I’ll just take my morning shower as normal and use Solise and not have to worry about putting on any sunscreen in the parking lot. Not having to go through the hassle of finding my reflection in my car window to apply sunscreen to my face and having that sunscreen greasy feeling is something I am greatly looking forward to.

Solise comes in two forms, hand soap and body wash. An 8 oz tube of body wash will cost you $13.99. A case of six will cost $69.95. The hand wash bottles are the same size and will cost you the same as the body wash whether you buy them individually or by the case.

To learn more or to order some for your next tailgate, visit:

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