Pub Washers Added To KZOZ Ultimate Tailgate Party Prize Package

For the past several weeks I have been a guest on the Jeff & Jeremy in the Morning show on KZOZ 93.3 FM in San Luis Obisbo, Calif. KZOZ, Bud Light and have teamed up together to offer 17 lucky listeners the opportunity to come away with the ultimate tailgate party prize package.

Each week on Tuesdays we’ll reveal another prize to be added to the prize pool. This week it was Pub Washers joining the ranks with other tailgate approved items like The Flabongo (Week 1), The Tailgate Partymate (Week 2) and The Tailgator Sunshade (Week 3). The revealing of the prizes will continue all through the NFL’s regular 17 week season. After all 17 weeks have been completed and prizes revealed, the 17 weekly qualifiers will be eligible for the grand prize of all the tailgating items in the prize package. A pretty sweet deal and someone is walking away the king of the parking lot if you ask me.

Check out the 60 second spot they have been running on KZOZ in promotion of this give away.