Yard Beer Pong: For Those Who Tailgate on Grass

I am constantly learning of new products and innovations in the world of tailgating and beer pong. Just when I thought I had seen every type of way you can play beer pong, along comes Yard Beer Pong. From the looks of it, it consists of metal stakes with spiral cup holders at the top. The stakes jab into soft ground (sorry asphalt tailgaters) and the game is played without a table. With no table joining the two racks together it takes the bounce rule completely out of play. Take a look at it set up.


They even have a short demo video of the game being played.


It looks like the only place to get a set is from their official website, yardbeerpong.com. The six cup Yard Beer Pong set (I am assuming includes 14 cup holders and stakes) runs $100. 10 cup Yard Beer Pong set (probably 22 stakes in all) will run $125. A single drink holder is $20 and a set of three drink holders is $30.

For more information or to order your own, go to yardbeerpong.com.

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