O’Shea’s Las Vegas Casino Knows Beer Pong Is Big Money Maker

Osheas_beer_pong If you have ever been to Las Vegas and walked on “The Strip” you have probably either walked past or gone inside O’Shea’s Casino. Well known for its younger clientele, O’Shea’s has added the game of beer pong to its list of money makers. O’Shea’s isn’t just relying on the blackjack and craps tables to increase the house rake. Beer Pong accounts for more than $1.2 million in annual revenue for O’Shea’s and with that kind of profit no wonder they are not planning on discontinuing offering it. (With that kind of popularity and potential revenue generation, no wonder the NFL is quietly trying to sell NFL beer pong tables.)

According to VegasChatter.com, O’Shea’s rakes in $25,000 a week on beer pong and that comes out to over $100,000 a month. Simple math multiplied by 12 months and that is a whopping $1.2 million a year. Not bad for a place who invested in a few beer pong tables and provides players with a full game set-up consisting of cups, balls, and a pitcher of beer. Oh yeah, if you like your cups filled higher, a second pitcher of beer will run you $10. All this and they charge $23.50 per player. A normal two-players per team game and they are pulling in nearly $100 per game. On Friday and Saturday nights, the line to sign up is rather long and the wait to get on a table can be close to an hour.

Still people wonder why tailgaters choose to play this game and why is it rapidly encroaching on No. 1 popularity status currently held by cornhole. I may not be a smart man but I do know that Las Vegas casinos are not in the business of losing money. If a game or an attraction is not making a nice profit, they will shut it down faster than a craps game found to have rigged dice. Open your eyes people. Beer pong is here to stay and the tailgaters are on the cutting edge of that popularity wave.

H/T: Beer Pong News