Propane Refill Class Action Lawsuit

Last month we told you that you shouldn’t be taking your propane tanks to one of those propane exchange places. It is believed that by doing that you could be getting a propane tank that is not 100% filled. (If you want the full details check out our post: Don’t Get Cheated! Refill Instead of Exchanging Propane Tanks)

Now I just learned there could be a possible class action lawsuit against propane suppliers like Blue Rhino and Amerigas for potentially “short filling” propane tanks. What’s short filling? See the video below.


The Law Offices of Girard Gibbs is currently conducting an investigation involving “short-fill” propane tank refills. According to the Associated Press, propane suppliers like Blue Rhino and Amerigas have quietly reduced the amount of propane included in refilled tanks while charging the same price. Consumers have complained that they were unaware that they were receiving less propane for the same price.

If you believe that you purchased a “short-filled” propane refill, or if you would like to learn more about the propane refill investigation, fill out the form on Girard Gibbs Web site or call toll-free (866) 981-4800.