Custom Propane Tank Looks Like A Football

Yesterday we posted a small gallery of photos featuring a Margaritaville Tailgating Grill that one of our readers customized into a Ravens Tailgating Grill. It turned out pretty sharp but the true genius of this man’s handy work was what he did to his propane tank that fires up his tailgating grill.

Custom Painted Football Propane Tank Custom Painted Football Propane Tank

This propane tank was customized by our reader Mike from Severn, Maryland and upon seeing it, we had to ask how he did it. He was gracious enough to share his knowledge of how he pulled this off.

As for the propane tank, I sprayed the entire tank white, applied the vinyl decals for the Ravens logo’s and made a decal out of contact paper (the stuff you buy at the grocery store) to mask off the laces. I then sprayed the entire tank with a spray paint (Krylon—color: Georgia Clay). After experimenting with techniques, I applied a Rustoleum Enamel (the thick glossy stuff) with a blunt toothpick.

I could get maybe 4 dots and then I would have to dip into the quart can for a refill. As you can imagine, it took me hours to apply all the dots in a leather-like pattern. Once it all dried I removed the vinyl decals and revealed the white paint underneath. I then painted the details in the laces with black, brown and white enamel paint and made additional stencils out of contact paper for the black NFL logo’s on each side of the laces. I taped the entire tank with blue painter’s tape and sprayed 4 black and white vertical lines on the tank to represent the seams of the football. And there you have it, days later, I have a bad ass propane tank that attracts attention wherever I tailgate.

We would have to agree with you Mike. This tailgating propane tank is bad ass and kicks the crap out of our San Diego Chargers propane tank.

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