Clear View Propane Tanks

Clear View LPG Tank TiltedSince starting over three years ago, I have come across a number of products that have made me say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”. I’ve also discovered tailgating gear that has made me say, “Why didn’t they think of this sooner?”. Clear View Propane Tanks By Ragasco fall into both the “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” and the “Why didn’t they think of this sooner?” categories. Truly a remarkable product with 100% upside and zero downside for tailgaters who choose to grill with propane.

Simply stated, Clear View Propane Tanks by Ragasco are translucent composite fiberglass propane tanks with a protective outer plastic casing. Safer than steel propane tanks, the Clear View Propane Tank will not rust, has a wider base than steel cylinders and when empty, is 50% lighter than old fashioned propane cylinders. The best part is that the composite fiberglass allows you to see the fuel level inside, ensuring you will never run out of gas. By actually seeing how much propane is left in your cylinder you’ll never have to guess how much is left in the tank by picking it up and feeling how much is in there. Seeing is believing. Check out this short video.

I was sent a sample cylinder to test out and run a thorough review on it. I was impressed from the moment I took it out of the box. The first thing that stood out to me was that the cylinder was so light and easy to pick up. I opened up the box it came in while my 4 year-old daughter and 2 year-old son “helped”. They both wanted to check it out and both were able to pick it up off the floor. Had this been an empty steel propane tank, I would not have let them attempt to pick it up for fear they would drop it on their foot and a trip to the ER would be in my future.

The next thing I noticed was the ergonomic handle. I really appreciated this feature once it was filled and had some real weight to it but I will get to that later. The handle fit well in my hand and was a nice change from the metal handles that always seem too thin and dig into the palm of your hand when full. I also liked the wide base the Clear View Propane Tank offered. I have been a big proponent of the Tanksetter in that it widens the base of your normal metal propane cylinder so it won’t tip over easily. But the Clear View Propane Tank makes that obsolete in that the base is plenty wide and someone would have a hard time knocking it over. Take a look at the photos I shot comparing it to a regular steel tank, my customized San Diego Chargers propane tank, a Steel tank with the Tanksetter and of course, the Clear View Propane Tank.

As you can see in the photos I had no problem having my local propane filling station filling it up. Both the service tech and his manager were curious about the Clear View LPG Tank but were very impressed when they could actually see the level of gas rising as it was being filled. I even handed the manager my business card because I knew right then and there I needed to offer this product in our online tailgating gear store.

If you are looking to find a fault in Clear View LPG Tanks, I could only find one. Since this is a newer product on the market there are not a lot of retail outlets that will participate in a propane exchange. After all, would you honestly want to exchange a tank that is lighter, safer, wider and you can see through for an old, rusty, heavy steel tank? Also, we told you that propane exchanges are ripping you off by short filling tanks because you can’t see how much propane is actually in there. So if you are foolish enough to still use propane exchanges and prefer tanks that are dirty, rusty, tip over easily and twice as heavy, I guess the Clear View LPG Tanks are not for you. So let’s review class. Clear View Propane Tanks are:

• Lightweight in design and is 50% lighter than steel
• Translucent cylinder provides visible fuel level so you won’t run out unexpectedly
• Easy to transport design has ergonomic handle and tip-proof, flat base
• Corrosion-free, non-marring material keeps your vehicle and tailgating space clean
• Proven safety – fire-tested cylinder will never burst
• UL approved OPD valve
• D.O.T. approved for safety

In all honesty, I am failing to see how a steel propane tank would ever be better than one of these. The price of a Clear View Propane Tank might scare you off at $99 plus shipping. Then again, consider these tanks will never rust or corrode over time. You could buy a Clear View Propane Tank today and still be using it tailgating 15 years from now. I doubt anyone would want to take a 15 year old steel propane tank tailgating with them no matter how well they took care of it.

Because this product is brand new to the American market, the 20 lb. standard sized cylinders are currently on sale. The smaller, 10 lb. tanks will be coming soon. To get your Clear View LPG Tank, visit The price of each tank is $99 plus $10 shipping. Buy two or more and we’ll waive the shipping fee on all tanks. To get your own Clear View Propane Tank, click HERE.

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