Propane Gas-Minder

For those tailgaters that prefer to use propane as your fuel of choice, the inherent risks of running out of gas at the worst possible moment is always in the back of your mind. Many of use employ the old, “pick up the tank and try to estimate how much propane is left” technique by judging how easy it is to pick up the tank. There are other ways of determining how much gas is left like getting a translucent composite fiberglass propane tank or using one of those fuel gauges that attaches to the valve. The problem with those gauges is you can’t get a good reading on how much is left unless you open up the valve and have the gas pass through it. By that time it is possibly too late. What if there was a simple way of visually determining when you tank is getting low without turning on the gas? Introducing the Propane Gas-Minder.

Propane Gas Minder

As you can see from the above photo, the Propane Gas-Minder is a small platform that you slip under your steel propane cylinder. The Propane Gas-Minder has a strong spring underneath that pushes back on the bottom of the tank. When the tank is full, the weight of the tank and the propane inside is too heavy for the spring and compresses it down. As propane is used, naturally the tank gets lighter and lighter. As this happens the spring them will push the tank gently back and the Propane Gas Minder will then start to reveal a red band. The motto is “when the red starts to show, the gas is low”.

A good rule of thumb is that when the red marker starts to appear, there is probably about five lbs. of propane left in the tank. Five pounds is still enough fuel to get you through a tailgate party typically but if you choose not to refill after seeing the red line, it is your own fault if you run out. Take a look at the video the inventor of Propane Gas-Minder put together. (Please don’t be alarmed because he does refer to himself as “Gassy Bill”.)


The simple design, effective functionality and affordable price all make the Propane Gas-Minder a great piece of tailgating gear to add to your tailgating kit. A single Propane Gas-Minder costs just $3.95 and a two-pack will cost $7.50. They also come in packages of 12 for $42 and might be a good idea for stocking stuffers for all the little tailgaters on your list in a few months.

To learn more about the Propane Gas-Minder or to buy one, visit their website:

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