Lite Cylinders Recalled

Lite Cylinder Recall

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), a sub-division of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), has issued an emergency order mandating a recall of cylinders manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Company, Inc. (Lite Cylinder). PHMSA also terminated the company’s authority to re-qualify and manufacture DOT cylinders.

U.S. Department of Transportation: PHMSA Orders Recall of Cylinders Manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Company

Lite Cylinder manufactures a number of composite fiberglass fuel tanks designed for the transportation of liquid propane gas (LPG). One of the main advantages that composite fiberglass LPG cylinders have over old fashioned steel tanks is the ability to see the level of propane inside through the translucent sides of the tank. Other advantages include they are lighter to carry and will not rust or corrode like steel tanks.

The emergency order was issued after a PHMSA investigation of Lite Cylinder of Franklin, Tennessee, revealed unsafe conditions and practices. The emergency order mandated more than 55,000 two-piece fully wrapped fiber composite cylinders be removed from service. If you own an LPG cylinder manufactured by Lite Cylinder, you may have already been contacted by the company alerting you to the recall. Lite Cylinder must immediately contact all cylinder owners and provide instructions about how to safely discharge, purge and remove the valve from the cylinder and how to safely return those cylinders to Lite Cylinder.

Cylinders manufactured by Lite Cylinder with any of the following markings are subject to this recall:

  • DOT-SP 14562
  • DOT-SP-13957
  • DOT-SP 13105 (Only if manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Company. Cylinders manufactured by Composite Scandinavia [M0408] and marked with this number are not subject to the recall)
  • Any cylinder requalified under requalification approval H706
  • Any cylinder manufactured under M5729

Even though you may have a Lite Cylinder LPG tank that seems to be working fine, this is still a serious matter. Emergency orders are issued when PHMSA determines that the continued use of such an item would constitute an imminent hazard. Removal and recall of these composite cylinders is a serious safety matter that should be promptly addressed by cylinder owners, gas fillers, shippers and carriers of hazardous materials. And because we are dealing with a highly flammable and explosive liquid, this matter should be taken very seriously.

Although we here at Tailgating Idea have never used, tested or reviewed an LPG cylinder manufactured by the Lite Cylinder Company, we do know there are tailgaters out there that do use these types of propane tanks. We do have extensive experience with composite fiberglass tanks only our experience is with the Clear View Propane Tanks distributed by the Ragasco USA company.

We contacted the folks at Ragasco USA to ask about the recall of the Lite Cylinder tanks and to see if this would affect the manufacture and the distribution of Clear View Propane Tanks in the future. This was their response back to us:

There are a lot of questions surrounding the recent recall of Lite Cylinder LP tanks. Clear View LPG Tank Tilted

We are spreading the word about Clear View cylinders to RV and Marine Newsletters and through other avenues like to help clear up the confusion that this issue with the Lite Cylinder recall has created for some people.

As you may have assumed, Ragasco cylinders have nothing to do with any recalled cylinders. If you read the DOT recall statement it goes into great detail about the reason for the recall. It was unfortunate that Lite did not react promptly and purposefully to correct the issues of concern to the DOT.

The Clear View LP cylinder by Ragasco marketed by RagascoUSA under DOT SP 12706 has an unblemished safety record and is a worthy replacement for the Lite Cylinder LP tank.

RagascoUSA, at this time offers a 17 lb cylinder that is 12″ in diameter and is 18″ tall and are now out of stock on the 11 lb cylinder. We do not expect to have the smaller size back in stock until towards the end of this year. We also have the 31lb Fork Lift cylinder available in stock.

The recall of Lite Cylinders does not affect any metal LP cylinders or composite cylinders manufactured by Ragasco and sold by RagascoUSA.

If you have an LPG cylinder manufactured by the Lite Cylinder Company, more than likely, yours is part of this massive recall. PHMSA’s Hazardous Materials Information Center is available to assist anyone who has questions. The Info Center can be reached toll free at 800-467-4922.