Jim Joyce Inspires Free “Ump You Suck” T-Shirt Giveaway

Do you recall last fall we told you about Ref You Suck apparel? Well, it seems that now more than ever would be a great time to get yourself a T-shirt. Last night’s blown call by Jim Joyce cost Armando Galarraga the opportunity to record a perfect game. The runner was clearly out but Joyce called him safe thus killing the perfect game and spoiling the no-hitter. If you haven’t seen the highlights yet, take a look.


Commemorating that horrible call by Jim Joyce, the folks over at Ref you Suck are offering up free Ump You Suck T-shirts through their website refyousuck.com for the next 72 hours. To claim your free “Ump You Suck” T-shirt, visit refyousuck.com and enter coupon code “jimjoyce” upon checkout. Normal shipping charges apply and this is a limited time offer.