Hot-N-Tidy Transport Strap

Many tailgaters prepare meals right there in the parking lot but that doesn’t include everything served on the blacktop. A large majority of us will prepare hot dips, chili, casseroles, sauces, etc. and transport them in corning ware, stew pots or even crock pots. The age old problem is during transportation of these vessels they can tip or the lid will slide off during the drive. Getting a hot casserole dish with a lid to the car while it is still hot means you have to use pot holders or a towel to prevent getting burns on your hands. The folks who invented the Hot-N-Tidy have found a better way.

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As you saw in their video, this strap is versatile in that you can carry your hot pots and dishes in one hand while preventing burns and keeping the lid securely in place, retaining the heat in the dish. The uses are readily apparent when it applies to tailgating but you can also use the Hot-N-Tidy for church pot lucks, the PTA luncheon, going on a picnic or any other social event you will want to bring hot, prepared food.

We had a chance to test out the Hot-N-Tidy for ourselves and we were quite impressed. We had a chance to test it out for two “non-tailgating” holidays including Father’s Day and July 4th. On July 4th, we traveled over an hour to visit family and we packed a piping hot Queso Dip to come along. We prepared it at home and then poured it into a serving dish with a lid. We attached the Hot-N-Tidy Transport Strap onto the dish, placed it in the trunk and drove for an hour. When we arrived at our destination, the dish was still hot and all we needed to do was pick it up with one hand which left the other hand free to ring the doorbell and even give handshakes and hugs as soon as we entered the house.

We also had the opportunity to use the Hot-N-Tidy while tailgating an Angels baseball game. The game was a 12:35 pm first pitch so we did a little morning tailgating prior to the game start. At home before leaving, we baked an egg, sausage, bacon, chorizo and cheese mixture in a casserole dish. Once cooked and we were ready to leave, we placed the Hot-N-Tidy Transport Strap on the dish and lid and placed it in the car. It arrived unscathed despite going over some speed bumps and it was still as hot as if it just came out of the oven.

After taking the Hot-N-Tidy to two family holidays and one baseball tailgate, we are going to label the Hot-N-Tidy “Tailgate Approved”. The fact that is solves problems we as tailgaters just thought were something we would have the put up with, gives it a big thumbs up in our book. The versatility of being able to to be used outside of just tailgating and can be used almost daily is also a huge bonus.

The Hot-N-Tidy comes in four different color patterns and is priced at $9.95 plus $6 shipping & handling. To learn more about the Hot-N-Tidy or to order one for your next tailgate, visit:

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