Washeroos: A New Bounce On The Old Washer Toss Games

washeroos_single.jpgYou’ve seen cornhole, original washers, horseshoes, single hole washers, blong ball and all other types of tossing games while tailgating. I’ll bet you have never seen Washeroos. This new tailgating game is a lot like single hole washers with a twist, er, I should say ‘bounce’. Washeroos is different than any other type of washers tailgate game in that it incorporates a suspended, bouncing rubber mat in it’s design. That means a washer that lands on the top of the mat can potentially be bounced in by the following washer. Every washer tossed has the potential of falling in the hole. This makes for competitive games, great comebacks and thrilling finishes.

I had the opportunity to check out Washeroos and here is my video review.


If you skipped the video, in a nutshell I enjoyed this game a lot. I had so much fun playing this game I am adding it to my list of regular gear to take tailgating. The construction is top notch, made right here in the U.S.A. in Columbus, Ohio, and they are easy to transport and set up. They also take up less room than standard cornhole boards in your vehicle on the way to tailgate.

The basic rules and scoring are a bit different as well. The ultimate goal to winning is to score 21 points and win by two. A washer landing on the mat is one (1) point, a ‘leaner’, washer on the mat and hanging over the hole is two (2) points, and a ‘ringer’, falling into the hole onto the grass or asphalt is three (3) points. Scoring is all or nothing meaning only one player or team can score points per round. The player with the most points in each round adds that amount to their total score. The other player gets no points added to their total score. If the score happens to be tied in a round, it is considered a “push” and neither team receives any points.

washeroos_complete.jpgYou’ll notice that in the video that we took turn tossing our washers. That was done to demonstrate the way the Washeroos boards provide bounce and play during the game. (It would have been boring watching me miss all four of my washers in a row.) In a normal game, one player tosses all four of his/her washers, leaving them where they fall. The next player then tosses all four of their washers. Where the washers finally land after all players have taken their turn is where they are scored. washers may bounce off the grass or asphalt onto the unit, be knocked into the hole by another washer or opponent’s washer, get knocked off the board by a washer, etc. It really doesn’t matter how the washer gets there as long as the players toss their washers from 20 feet away. A complete list of rules for 2 player, 3 player and teams of two is included with each Washeroos game.