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When the opportunity to review the ScoreBand was presented to me I was pretty ecstatic. Regardless if the product was any good I was getting myself a free watch.

The product review turned out to be a win-win for me. A free watch that was actually really useful. In my opinion I think that the watch is also quite stylish. Take a look at their video to see what the Scoreband is all about.

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I tested the ScoreBand on two separate occasions… one tailgating related, the other non-tailgating related (though there was still beer involved).

The first test was last weekend when I wore the Scoreband when my buddies and I went golfing. The ScoreBand has as “Golf Mode” that allows the user to keep track of each hole stroke with the simple touch of a button. Hit a shot, hit the top button of the watch to record the stroke. Sadly, with my golf game I was forced to hit the top button more often than I would have liked. Once the hole was completed all you had to do was hit and hold the bottom button to add the hole score to your overall score. The simplicity of the watch allows the user to keep accurate scores. Shots that would have been missed while the scorecard was in the golf cart are now captured. And for those folks whose math skills plummet after a few beers, the overall score feature of the ScoreBand allows for accurate score taking. The lightweight design (made of flexible and durable silicone material; snug fit) makes for a very comfortable wear that had no impact on my golf swing.

The second test was this weekend during my Eagles game tailgate. During the tailgate I was able to use the “All Score Mode” on the ScoreBand. Unlike the “Golf Mode” where only a single player’s scores can be tracked, the “All Score Mode” allows you to keep the scores of two players or teams. I used the ScoreBand to track the score of our Cornhole games. The top and bottom buttons allow you to keep score for the different players. Every time that I would score I would hit the top button. Every time my buddy would score I would hit the bottom button. Keeping score on the ScoreBand eliminates the need to manually track scoring or track scoring on the counter attached to the Cornhole board. No bending down means no spilling of beer. Also, if your tailgating games are like mine accurate scoring means the correct person or team is taking their penalty for losing. In our case that is chugging a beer or two. For giggles I also tested the ability of the watch to withstand spilling of beer on the LCD display… it passed!

Sure you can get by without a ScoreBand but for under thirty bucks why not simplify score keeping? Once the games are done there is no need to remove the watch as it can be worn for standard time keeping (hour and minute display). And with the watch always being worn there is no reason not to make new games in everyday activities. During a recent business meeting my colleagues and I made a game of shooting paper clips into an empty coffee mug. I was able to use the ScoreBand to keep score and earn myself a free lunch.

Head over to for further product details, including the “Tennis Mode” feature. The product comes in multiple colors and includes a printable size guide.

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